Friday, June 13, 2008

XAimer Auto Aimer

Update: We now recommend YAimer as the best Yahoo Pool Aimer. YAimer is a new client for Yahoo Pool that beats all other aimers, including XAimer!

XAimer was created in response to Pool Station, promising to be a superior pool aimer. Judging by its popularity and it's high ranking in comparative reviews, XAimer looks to have acheived its goal, as perhaps the best and most advanced auto aimer available for Yahoo Pool.

XAimer aims slightly differently than Pool Station and is able to show when the ball will bounce off the edge or fall into a pocket. While this may seem more precise than Pool Station, sometimes the simpler Pool Station can be more reliable on some close shots.

XAimer auto-updates to adjust to changes on Yahoo (this happens at least once a month) and seems to be the most reliable and fastest in this regard. Typically, updates are even faster than Pool Station.

XAimer shares all of the features Pool Station offers.